2020/09/18   WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results – September 18, 2020

Still to come, Alexa Bliss talks to Nikki Cross. Back to commercial. We go back to the stage for “A Moment of Bliss” with Alexa Bliss. She welcomes us and says normally tonight’s special guest would be in the co-host seat with her. She goes on and introduces Nikki Cross. Out she comes dancing around and Bliss is all smiles. The announcers show us how Bliss used Bray Wyatt’s Sister Abigail move on Cross last week during the Fatal 4 Way, which Cross won to become the new #1 contender to SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley for a match at Clash of Champions.

Bliss congratulates Cross and says she’s so happy for her. Cross thanks her. Bliss says but we know what the show is about, and she has no filter, so she has to ask the questions the fans want to know. She asks what Cross’ plan for the match is, noting that it has to be different because Cross lost to Bayley for most of the summer, and hasn’t defeated her since last year. Cross goes on about how this match will be different. Bayley no longer has Sasha Banks watching her back, so now Cross can focus on giving her a beating. Cross talks about how Bayley was so proud to hit her with a steel chair last week. Cross addresses the camera and warns Bayley that she will take the title from her at Clash of Champions. Cross asks if that answers the question and it does. Cross asks Bliss what’s gotten into her now. She asks about Bliss walking off after the Sister Abigail last week. Bliss doesn’t know how to explain it because she doesn’t fully understand it. She feels like some kind of change but she doesn’t know how to handle it… the music interrupts and out comes Lacey Evans.

Evans taunts them both and says Cross only won last week because Bliss walking out put Evans off her game. She keeps mocking Cross and says she will never beat Bayley because she has something Cross never will have – a mean streak. She says Cross is too nice, too short, too weak, and damn sure has no backbone. Cross grabs Evans’ handkerchief and blows her nose with it, saying she’s not too nice. Evans goes to pick it back up but Cross kicks her and attacks her. They brawl on the stage and the ramp. Evans gets the upperhand and they head to the ring as we go to commercial.

Lacey Evans vs. Nikki Cross

Back from the break and Alexa Bliss is on commentary as Lacey Evans and Nikki Cross get ready in the ring. Evans goes to ringside to apply hand sanitizer to stall. Cross ends up attacking to get the action going. Evans turns it around as they get to their feet in the ring.

Cross gets on Evans’ back and ends up dropping her near the corner for a 2 count. They tangle on the mat some and Cross covers for 2. Evans counters and drops a big knee on Cross’ elbow while she’s down. Evans with another big knee to the elbow. Evans works Cross over in the corner as the referee warns her now. Cross fights out but Evans beats her up in the corner some more, dropping her with a shot to the ribs. Evans wraps the hurt arm around the middle rope as the referee warns her again.

Evans with a big boot in the corner, then a Bronco Buster for a 2 count. Evans goes on and blocks Cross’ offense, then grounds her in the middle of the ring again. Cross fights up and out but Evans takes her right back down and continues to focus on the arm. Evans continues to dominate as Cross tries to fight back. Cross clutches her hurt arm but Cross keeps the attack coming. Evans with a standing moonsault for another 2 count.

Evans grabs her hand sanitizer and rubs it all over Cross’ face and hair while holding her down. Cross gets upset and fights back, dropping Evans in the middle of the ring. Cross with a splash in the corner. Cross unloads with forearm shots. Cross catapults Evans across the ring. Evans grabs Cross but Cross stomps on her arm. Cross ends up hitting the big tornado DDT from the corner. Cross holds it and hits the neckbreaker off the top rope for the pin to win.

Winner: Nikki Cross

After the match, Cross stands tall as the music hits. Bliss says Cross is her best friend. Cross celebrates in the ring and Bliss cheers her on. Cross heads to the back while Evans stumbles out of the ring, pulling herself up at the announce table. Evans yells at Graves and Cole now. Bliss stares off into space but slowly gets up and comes over to Evans. With the distant look in her eyes like last week, Bliss grabs Evans and drops her with Sister Abigail at ringside. Cole points to how Evans said “The Fiend” in her rant right before Bliss snapped. Bliss walks off with the thousand-yard stare.

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