2020/10/02   WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results – October 2, 2020

Kevin Owens is backstage preparing for his interview with Alexa Bliss. His logo is showing on a screen behind him but it starts flickering between the Firefly Fun House logo and a photo of The Fiend. Owens doesn’t see this, but he walks off and we go to commercial.

Back from the break and RAW Superstar Kevin Owens is in the ring, which is set up for another must see edition of The KO Show. This segment is happening because of the Brand-To-Brand Invitational. Owens mentions the WWE Draft next week and how this could be his future home. He introduces Alexa Bliss and out she comes to pyro exploding.

Bliss walks to the ring as Cole shows us how The Fiend’s presence caused Bliss to snap on Lacey Evans last week. Owens says he’s been paying attention to what’s been happening on SmackDown and he has so many questions about what’s been happening to Bliss. He brings up her shift in attitude and anger, and says it reminds him of what he sees in his nemesis on RAW, Aleister Black. Bliss says she doesn’t know what Owens means. He says she’s not the same woman he met 5 years ago at the Performance Center, who was always cheery and happy, making people laugh. She says people change, Owens should try it some time. Doesn’t he want to change and be better? Owens says he’s tried to change, he’s tried to better himself and do things the right way but this isn’t about him changing, it’s about how she’s changing. He needs to understand this darkness that is taking her over, because if he can understand that, maybe he can understand what’s happening to Black.

Bliss says people fear what they don’t understand. She asks Owens if he’s ever been around “him” (The Fiend) as it’s fearful and captivating at the same time. Your spine goes cold, your body goes numb when he touches you, it’s like pins and needles, it’s like he’s looking right through you when he looks in your eyes, and you can’t look away. Bliss asks Owens if he has any idea what that’s like. Owens believes they’re not talking about Aleister. He doesn’t think he will get the needed answers from her because she’s brainwashed. Bliss says yes, her brain has been washed. All the lies have been washed away and now she sees the truth. She’s been cleansed by him. Owens says he’s here, isn’t he? She says he’s everywhere and she can hear him now. Let him in! The lights start going down as Owens paces the ring. It’s all black now. We hear the menacing sounds of The Fiend start up. The red lights come up now and The Fiend has the Mandible Claw on Owens.

Bliss sits calmly and watches from her chair while The Fiend takes Owens down with the Mandible, screaming and yelling in his face. The Fiend stands back up and turns his attention to Bliss. She’s in somewhat of a trance now, staring at him. The menacing sounds continue to go out over the arena. The Fiend approaches Bliss, still staring each other down. Bliss slowly gets up from her chair and the sounds stop. The Fiend takes her hand and the crowd pops. Bliss looks at the crowd and smiles as he holds her hand. The screen suddenly cuts to a shot of The Fiend growling as SmackDown goes to commercial.

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