February 21st, 2020
 WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results – February 21, 2020

Still to come, The Bella Twins will be on “A Moment of Bliss” with Alexa Bliss. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes Alexa Bliss for the latest edition of her “A Moment of Bliss” segment. She welcomes us to a special Hall of Fame edition of her show.

Bliss goes over the names announced for the 2020 WWE Hall of Fame Class so far – Batista and the nWo. She then announces The Bella Twins for the Hall of Fame. She brings out Nikki Bella and Brie Bella, who are both pregnant. Fans cheer them on as Bliss congratulates them. Nikki talks about how grateful they are and says they wouldn’t be where they are and would not have broken the barriers they did over the years if it weren’t for their Bella Army. Brie agrees and gives praise to the women’s division for how they continue to raise the bar. Brie also mentions how grateful they are. They bring up their pregnancies and how they’re a week and a half apart. Brie says with that and Nikki’s engagement, the Hall of Fame induction is just the cherry on top of a great year. They go on and thank the fans some more, and say they better see the Bella Army in Tampa for the induction ceremony. The music hits and they celebrate some until Daniel Bryan’s music hits. Bryan comes out with their daughter Birdie. He greets The Bellas and hands the kid over to his wife. Bryan heads to the ring as a “Yes!” chant starts up. Back to commercial.

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1 Comment on “WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results – February 21, 2020”

  1. Absolutely stunning again a moment of bliss. You have a absolutely lovely face and love the hair. Your legs and thighs look absolutely stunning on that chair. I love that you was the first undisputed champion and talk show host plus there was more. You are going to be in the elimination chamber match this year I hope and head to wrestle mania. Love Jesse.
    P.S. you would look absolutely stunning if you were pregnant. Hopefully I could be one to give you that! You look like you like to have a family on your face or you are absolutely that good of a actor. I created a absolutely stunning twisted bliss hoodie. Oh io. Later

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